Astronomy-天文学杂志 2019年度珍藏合集12期PDF

Astronomy informs, entertains, and inspires people who are interested in the science and hobby of astronomy. We accomplish this by providing clear and accurate coverage of astronomy news and research, along with guidance for observing and imaging. Astronomy is the leader in its field, promoting the hobby, building enthusiasm for the science, and helping astronomy grow by serving our customers.天文学为那些对天文学科学和爱好感兴趣的人们提供信息、娱乐和灵感。我们通过提供清晰准确的天文新闻和研究报道,以及观测和成像的指导来完成这项工作。天文学在这个领域处于领先地位,它促进了天文爱好的发展,培养了人们对科学的热情,并通过服务我们的客户来帮助天文学的发展。
Astronomy-天文学杂志 2019年度珍藏合集12期PDF
English | 12 Issue | True PDF | 700.9 MB
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