World War II-二战杂志 2021年珍藏合集全6本

World War II-二战杂志 2021年珍藏合集全6本
English | 6 Issues | True PDF | 256.9 MB

World War II magazine covers every aspect of history’s greatest modern conflict with vivid, revealing, and evocative writing from top historians and writers. Each issue provides a lively mix of stories about important battles, soldiers, leaders, tactics and weapons, as well as little-known incidents of the war, and riveting firsthand battle accounts. World War II also reviews books, movies, model kits, and video games—and features a Pinup in every issue.《二战》杂志涵盖了历史上最伟大的现代冲突的方方面面,由顶级历史学家和作家撰写的文章生动、有说服力、令人回味无穷。每期杂志都提供有关重要战役、士兵、领导人、战术和武器的生动故事,以及战争中鲜为人知的事件和引人入胜的第一手战斗记录。《二战》还对书籍、电影、模型等进行评论。

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