Mother Jones-琼斯夫人杂志 2021年11月&12月刊

Mother Jones-琼斯夫人杂志 2021年11月&12月刊
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Mother Jones is an independent, nonprofit magazine dedicated to bringing you smart, fearless journalism. Winner of the 2008 National Magazine Award for General Excellence, MoJo is committed to gutsy, no-holds-barred investigative reporting that asks tough questions and gives you real answers. Mother Jones is uncensored, irreverent, not beholden to special interests – and obligated only to you.《琼斯妈妈》是一本独立的非盈利杂志,致力于为你带来聪明、无畏的新闻报道。作为2008年美国国家杂志杰出表现奖的获得者,MoJo 致力于勇敢、毫无保留的调查性报道,提出尖锐的问题,给你真实的答案。琼斯母亲是不受审查的,无礼的,不受制于特殊利益集团——而且只对你负责。

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