Olive Magazine-橄榄美食杂志 2021年圣诞特刊

Olive Magazine-橄榄美食杂志 2021年圣诞特刊
English | 155 pages | True PDF | 52 MB

At olive we believe you can eat imaginatively and well without spending a fortune. Every month we aim to inspire food lovers to cook new dishes, but it’s not all about cooking at home. The magazine has three main sections, eat in, eat out, eat away so you’ll also find great value restaurants, top recommendations and tips from around the world.在橄榄餐厅,我们相信你不用花一大笔钱就可以吃得很有想象力,很好。每个月我们都致力于鼓励美食爱好者们去烹饪新的菜肴,但这并不全是关于在家里做饭。这本杂志有三个主要部分—- 在家吃饭,在外面吃饭,在外面吃饭—- 所以你也会发现很有价值的餐馆,顶级推荐和来自世界各地的建议。

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