Outdoor Photographer-户外摄影师杂志PDF 2021年12月刊

Outdoor Photographer’s blend of big, beautiful portfolios, in-depth how-to features, buyer’s guides and product reviews combine to make it the premier magazine about nature photography. Our expert staff of editors and columnists is committed to giving you the tools, techniques and inspiration to capture your favorite subjects in a whole new light. Whatever your interest, Outdoor Photographer will inspire and inform you.户外摄影师的混合大,美丽的投资组合,在深入如何功能,买家的指南和产品评论结合起来,使其成为一流的杂志关于自然摄影。我们的专业编辑和专栏作家致力于为您提供工具,技术和灵感,以捕捉您最喜爱的主题在一个全新的光。无论你的兴趣是什么,户外摄影师都会给你灵感和启发。
Outdoor Photographer-户外摄影师杂志PDF 2021年12月刊
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