Home & Decor SG – 新加坡家居与装饰杂志 2021年11月刊

Home & Decor is a monthly interior design magazine which aims to make stylish living easy for everyone. Authoritative articles on interior design, home decorating and home improvement equip readers with the relevant know-how to navigate their renovations, with beautiful interior photography and styling for inspiration. Capturing the latest design and lifestyle trends, shops, furniture and furnishings, house proud owners are able to keep their home perennially stylish and the perfect fit to their changing needs and lifestyles.家居与装饰是一本室内设计月刊,旨在使时尚的生活方便的每个人。有关室内设计、家居装饰和家居装修的权威文章为读者提供了相关的知识,使他们能够浏览其装修,以美丽的室内摄影和造型作为灵感。抓住最新的设计和生活方式的趋势,商店,家具和家具,房子骄傲的业主能够保持他们的家永恒的时尚和完美的适应他们不断变化的需求和生活方式。

Home & Decor SG-新加坡 家居与装饰杂志 2021年11月刊

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