The Hollywood Reporter – 好莱坞报道杂志 2021年11月19日刊

This magazine is the ideal read for individuals who love to stay in the loop about all the developments in Hollywood. The Hollywood Reporter is released every week so it always stays up to date with all the latest events and stories. It is of course produced in where else but the celebrity capitol of Los Angeles, so it is right in the centre of all the gossip.这本杂志是那些喜欢了解好莱坞发展动态的人的理想读物。《好莱坞报道》每周发行一次,因此它总是能够及时了解最新的事件和故事。它当然是在洛杉矶的名人之都以外的其他地方制作的,所以它是所有流言蜚语的中心。

English | 44 pages | True PDF | 31 MB

The Hollywood Reporter-好莱坞报道杂志 2021年11月19日刊

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