Gramophone Magazine-留声机杂志 2021年12月刊

Gramophone enriches your classical music experience and connects you with great recordings. Packed with features across all classical music genres, our globally acclaimed writers will inform and entertain you with independent and intelligent editorial and more than 150 reviews in every issue. Our reputation is founded on our acclaimed critical analyses of the latest CD/DVD releases, in-depth features and interviews with classical stars, and our comprehensive coverage of recorded and live music.留声机丰富您的古典音乐经验,并连接您与伟大的录音。拥有所有古典音乐流派的特色,我们的全球知名作家将告知和娱乐你与独立和智慧的社论和超过150个评论在每一期。我们的声誉建立在我们对最新 CD/DVD 发行的广受好评的评论分析、深入的特点和对古典明星的访谈,以及我们对录音和现场音乐的全面报道。

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Gramophone Magazine-留声机杂志 2021年12月刊

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