DestinAsian -亚洲生活旅游杂志 December 2021 / February 2022

Established in 2001, DestinAsian is a leading luxury travel and lifestyle magazine in the Asia-Pacific region. Our aim for each issue is to present an engaging editorial mix and stunning travel photography in a fresh, new light. In addition to award-winning feature stories, we offer a regular line-up of sections that keep tabs on the latest developments and most tantalizing holiday ideas around Asia and the world. DestinAsian is the ultimate resource for discerning individuals who share our passion for travel, and travelling in style.《命运亚洲》创刊于2001年,是亚太地区领先的豪华旅游和生活时尚杂志。我们对每一期的目标是呈现一个迷人的编辑组合和惊人的旅游摄影在一个新鲜的,新的光芒。除了获奖的特写故事,我们还定期提供关于亚洲和世界各地最新发展和最吸引人的度假理念的栏目。目的地亚洲是一个终极资源,为那些分享我们对旅行和时尚旅行的热情的有眼光的个人提供资源。

DestinAsian -亚洲生活旅游杂志 December 2021 / February 2022

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