Total 911 – 权威911汽车杂志 2021年12月刊

Total 911 is the world’s only magazine dedicated to the Porsche 911. Each lavish issue celebrates this legendary sportscar with stunning photography plus detailed, entertaining and informative writing. All models of 911 are covered, from the sought-after classics to today’s incredible supercars. Produced by true Porsche enthusiasts, Total 911 immerses you in the 911 world, with road tests on new models, profiles of owners’ cars from around the world, great drives, technical advice, historic overviews, project cars, news and comment, and much more. Each issue also includes an invaluable Datafile containing details of every 911 ever built.《911》是世界上唯一一本专注于保时捷911的杂志。每个奢华的问题庆祝这惊人的摄影加上细节,娱乐和信息丰富的写作传奇跑车。911的所有车型都包括在内,从广受欢迎的经典车型到今天令人难以置信的超级跑车。由真正的保时捷爱好者制作,道达尔911让你沉浸在911的世界,道路测试的新型号,来自世界各地的车主的汽车概况,伟大的驾驶,技术建议,历史概况,项目汽车,新闻和评论,等等。每个问题还包括一个宝贵的数据文件,其中包含每一个911建成的细节。

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Total 911 – 权威911汽车杂志 2021年12月刊

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