Horse Illustrated – 马画报杂志 January/February 2022

Recently updated with a fresh, new look, Horse Illustrated readers can immerse themselves in stunning photo essays capturing the athleticism and unrivaled beauty of horses. As the premier source of all-breed, all-discipline equine information, each issue features training tips, health advice, breed profiles and touching stories about life with horses.最近更新了一个新鲜的,新的面貌,马说明的读者可以沉浸在令人惊叹的照片文章捕捉运动和无与伦比的美丽的马。作为首要来源的所有品种,所有学科的马的信息,每期的特点训练技巧,健康建议,品种概况和感人的故事与马的生活。

Horse Illustrated – January/February 2022

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