Dogs Today UK – 今日狗狗杂志 December 2021 / January 2022

Dogs Today magazine, the glossy, award-winning magazine aimed at people who really do care about dogs. Dogs Today magazine campaign hard for improvements to dog health and welfare and provide the most comprehensive help and advice for acquiring and training a new dog. Innovative, entertaining and ethical! With 132 pages each month, typical content includes: TV dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, assistance dog crusader Allen Parton, alternative vet Richard Allport, investigative TV journalist Jemima Harrison, in-depth celeb dog owner interviews, ground-breaking investigative journalism, true stories of remarkable dogs, Problem-solving, unbeatable advice and support, competitions and giveaways and much, much more.《今日狗狗》杂志是一本面向那些真正关心狗狗的人的荣誉杂志。《今日狗》杂志努力推动改善狗的健康和福利,并为获得和训练新的狗提供最全面的帮助和建议。创新,娱乐和道德!每月132页,典型的内容包括: 电视狗训练师 Victoria Stilwell,助理狗改革者 Allen Parton,另类兽医 Richard Allport,调查电视记者 Jemima Harrison,深度的 b 狗主人访谈,开创性的调查报导,非凡狗狗的真实故事,解决问题,不可战胜的建议和支持,竞赛和赠品等等。

Dogs Today UK – 今日狗狗杂志 December 2021 / January 2022

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