Beckett Basketball – 美国篮球杂志 1月-2022

Beckett Basketball is a monthly magazine loaded with everything you need to know about new basketball cards and more. It offers news, values for new releases as well as past sets along with the latest collecting trends. Our readers use this magazine to find out what’s new, what their cards are worth, who’s hot, who’s not and more. For veterans and novices, Beckett Basketball is a must-have resource to stay informed and aware of the hobby.贝克特篮球是一个月刊杂志,载有一切你需要了解的新篮球卡和更多。它提供新闻,价值的新发布,以及过去的集随着最新的收集趋势。我们的读者通过这本杂志了解最新消息,他们的名片值多少钱,谁最热门,谁不热门等等。对于退伍军人和新手,贝克特篮球是一个必须有资源,以保持消息灵通和意识到的爱好。

English | 172 pages | True PDF | 10.2 MB

Beckett Basketball – 美国篮球杂志 1月-2022

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