Practical Photoshop – PS实战杂志 2021年珍藏合集共2本

Practical Photoshops easy-to-follow tutorials show you how to achieve brilliant creative results whether you’re repairing an old family picture, having fun combining images or applying artistic effects to a photo. Practical Photoshop offers creative advice and step-by-step tutorials for users of Adobe Photoshop and Elements. Learn the basics, master new techniques to become a better digital artist, or get advanced Photoshop techniques and create实用PS简单易学的教程向你展示了如何获得卓越的创意效果,无论你是在修复一张旧的家庭照片,还是在组合图片或在照片上应用艺术效果上获得乐趣。实用 Photoshop 为 Adobe Photoshop 和 Elements 的用户提供创造性的建议和一步一步的教程。学习基础知识,掌握新技术,成为一个更好的数码艺术家,或者掌握先进的 Photoshop 技术和创作

Practical Photoshop – PS实战杂志 2021年珍藏合集共2本

English | 12 Issues | True PDF | 502.4 MB


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