Elle USA – 世界时装之苑时尚杂志美国版 12月-2021&1月-2022

Elle magazine is a reliable source for whats happening in fashion, from upcoming designers, what celebrities are wearing to where to find the seasons hottest trends. With a calendar listing all the events of the month that are fashion-related Elle keeps you plugged into the industry. Articles range from classic clothes essential to every closet, jewelry and accessory must-haves, skin products to developments for looking young and healthy. In addition, Elle magazine includes a celebrity interview and pop culture reviews and news in every issue.《 Elle》杂志是时尚潮流的可靠来源,从即将到来的设计师,名人所穿的服装到在哪里找到本季最热门趋势的信息,都是可靠的信息来源。日历上列出了当月与时尚相关的所有活动,Elle让您与行业保持联系。文章涵盖了每个衣橱必备的经典服装,珠宝和配饰必备品,皮肤产品,以及看起来年轻健康的产品。此外,《 Elle》杂志每期都包括名人访谈,流行文化评论和新闻。

Elle USA – 世界时装之苑时尚杂志美国版 12月-2021&1月-2022


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