Art Reveal – 国际艺术杂志 2021年12月刊

Art Reveal Magazine is dedicated to promote and publish independent artists from all countries and all genres of visual art. Each issue of the magazine will present a several contemporary artist portfolios and their artistic statments. Interviews and articles will help artists to promote their works to a broad publicity.艺术揭示杂志致力于促进和出版来自所有国家和所有流派的独立艺术家的视觉艺术。每一期的杂志将呈现几个当代艺术家的作品集和他们的艺术状态。访谈和文章将帮助艺术家推广他们的作品,以广泛的宣传。

Art Reveal – 国际艺术杂志 2021年12月刊

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