Architecture+Design – 建筑设计杂志 2021年12月刊

A+D, only architecture for architects, designers, students of architecture, construction industry, building promoters and planners. Based on a very contemporary format, it portrays the modern trends in building technology, research and development in the process of design, project profiles, conservation and environmental issues, product and material information, etc. Focused at an entirely new segment of readers, A+D makes good business sense for those who are looking at promoting their products to an industry, which could add to their institutional sales substantially.A + d,只适用于建筑师,设计师,建筑学专业,建筑行业,建筑推广人和规划师。它以一种非常现代的形式,描绘了建筑技术、设计过程中的研究和发展、项目概况、保护和环境问题、产品和材料信息等方面的现代趋势。专注于一个全新的读者群,a + d 对于那些希望将自己的产品推广到某个行业的人来说,具有良好的商业意义,这可以大大增加他们的机构销售

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Architecture+Design – 建筑设计杂志 2021年12月刊

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