Rolling Stone USA – 美国版滚石音乐杂志 2021年度珍藏合集共11期

Rolling Stone USA – 美国版滚石音乐杂志 2021年度珍藏合集共11期

English | 11 Issues | True PDF | 541 MB

Rolling Stone remains one of the most famous brands in the world. Rolling Stone magazine features all the latest news, reviews, interviews with major Rock bands, gossip from the USA, as well as covering serious topics such as global warming and War. Rolling Stone magazine is the chronicle of more than one generation, covering music, celebrities, politics and pop culture. Each issue of your Rolling Stone magazine subscription features the very best reviews of music, film and books written with style, wit and humor. Stay informed with the up-and-coming artists, as well as the new works of pop icons with each issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Rolling Stone sets the pace of what’s hot in the music world.滚石仍然是世界上最著名的品牌之一。纽约滚石》提供所有最新的新闻、评论、主要摇滚乐队的采访、来自美国的八卦,以及包括全球变暖和战争等严肃话题的专题。滚石是一部不止一代人的编年史,涵盖了音乐、名人、政治和流行文化。每一期的《纽约时报》滚石都有对音乐、电影和书籍的最佳评论,这些评论风格独特、风趣幽默。随时了解新兴艺术家的作品,以及每期《滚石流行图标的新作品。《滚石》引领了音乐界的潮流。

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