Tatler UK – 英国尚流知名高端时尚社交杂志 2022年2月刊

Wicked, witty and wild: the perfect intelligent indulgent read. Over 300 years since the first issue of TATLER was published, today it’s recognised as the smartest people-magazine in Britain, with humorous and insightful coverage of the heroes and heroines of our social scene, combined with authoritative editorial on the best restaurants, travel and fashion.邪恶,机智和狂野: 完美的智慧放纵的阅读。《闲谈者》第一期出版300多年后的今天,它被公认为英国最聪明的人物杂志,以幽默和富有洞察力的方式报道我们社会生活中的男女英雄,结合最好的餐馆、旅游和时尚的权威评论。

English | 128 pages | PDF | 115.9 MB

Tatler UK – 英国尚流知名高端时尚社交杂志 2022年2月刊

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