Build It – 英国建筑设计杂志 2022年2月刊

Embarking on a self build or major renovation project is a big commitment, in terms of time, money and effort. Here at Build It & Home Improvement magazine we aim to give you as much help as possible – helping to make your dream home happen! Build It & Home Improvement magazine is also an essential guide for anyone who needs a little inspiration to build a new home or get stuck into a home improvement or conversion project. The magazine also features experts’ answers to readers’ planning, design, build and budget questions (and there is also the chance to ask them about your own project!)着手一个自建或大型翻新项目是一个很大的承诺,在时间,金钱和努力。在这里建立它和家装杂志,我们的目标是给你尽可能多的帮助-帮助使你的梦想家园实现!对于那些需要一点灵感来建造新家或者陷入家庭装修或者改造项目的人来说,《建造它 & 家庭装修》杂志也是一本必不可少的指南。该杂志还刊登了专家对读者的规划、设计、建造和预算问题的回答(还有机会向他们询问你自己的项目!)

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Build It – 英国建筑设计杂志 2022年2月刊

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