DesignSTL – 美国室内设计杂志PDF电子版 2022年1月&2月刊


DesignSTL is the unequivocal must-read for people who love their home. The magazine inspires St. Louisans to entertain, cook, decorate and thoroughly enjoy their home environment. With issues themed around the outdoors, culinary, design and holiday, DesignSTL provides both valuable information and trends to inspire. DesignSTL formally known as St. Louis At Home was first introduced in February 2004 as a special quarterly insert in St. Louis Magazine. Earning great response from readers and advertisers, SLM Media Group launched the premier issue of St. Louis At Home in spring 2005. The next year, St. Louis At Home earned top honors from the City & Regional Magazine Association in the category of Ancillary Publication. The publication has continued to evolve since then.DesignSTL 是那些热爱自己家的人必读的书。该杂志鼓励圣路易斯人娱乐,烹饪,装饰和彻底享受他们的家庭环境。以户外、烹饪、设计和假日为主题,DesignSTL 提供了有价值的信息和趋势。2004年2月,DesignSTL 正式以圣路易斯家居为名首次在圣路易斯杂志上作为特别的季刊插页推出。受到读者和广告商的热烈反响,SLM 媒体集团于2005年春季推出了首期《圣路易斯在家》。第二年,圣路易斯在家里赢得了最高荣誉从城市和地区杂志协会在附属出版类。从那时起,该出版物一直在不断发展。

DesignSTL – 美国室内设计杂志PDF电子版 2022年1月&2月刊

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