Spider – 红蜘蛛儿童杂志PDF电子版 2022年1月刊

SPIDER, a literary magazine for children, features fresh and engaging literature, poems, articles, and activities for newly independent readers. Editors seek energetic, beautifully crafted submissions with strong “kid appeal” (an elusive yet recognizable quality, often tied to high-interest elements such as humor, adventure, and suspense). We have particular interests in stories that explore themes of identity (gender, race and ethnicity, neighborhoods, beliefs and traditions); citizenship and global cultures; scientific and technological exploration; and the creative spirit.蜘蛛,一个儿童文学杂志,特点新鲜和吸引人的文学,诗歌,文章和活动的新独立的读者。编辑们追求精力充沛、制作精美、具有强烈“儿童吸引力”(一种难以捉摸却又易于辨认的品质,通常与诸如幽默、冒险和悬疑等高兴趣元素相联系)的提交作品。我们对探索身份主题(性别、种族和民族、社区、信仰和传统)、公民身份和全球文化、科学和技术探索以及创造精神的故事特别感兴趣。

Spider – 红蜘蛛儿童杂志PDF电子版 2022年1月刊

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